Thursday, 13 January 2011

PPD and Enterprise - The Basics

What is Industrial Experience?
A period of time in which a someone temporarily works for an employer to get experience in that field. During industrial experience you should be prepared to work alongside professionals. You will need to learn fast, precisely and be able to follow instructions.

How do you get industrial experience?
To get a chance of being accepted for industrial experience you first need to contact the specified company. You need to tell them a bit about yourself and your reasons for wishing to work with the company for a while; this will help them to understand what you are hoping to gain from the experience. Taking an unprofessional into a professional environment can be a big risk for managements and they need to know that you are passionate about working for the company.

What do they want to see from me?
When contacting the employer you should send an up to date CV and a cover letter. They should both focus on your achievements and show yourself in a good light. The CV should be no longer than one page, so only write the important things down, make it short sharp and interesting. They want to see a bit of individuality. For example if you are applying yourself into a design based field the CV should reflect your deign skills. You need to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

My concerns
One of main main concerns within industrial experience is not having enough knowledge and not being able to keep up with the fast paced design world. I feel it is a big step going from designing as a student for set briefs, to designing professionally for real clients with real needs and expectations. What if I can't deliver? 

My dream employer and my ideal work to produce
At the moment my dream job would be to work for the women's magazine Cosmopolitan. It is a magazine I read often and have gained a lot of respect and inspiration from them. It's contents include subject's such as fashion, beauty, sex and relationships. I like the style of the magazine. It  has a high end look and feel to it, however it's contents speak to a wide variety of women, including 'real women' with real life stories. 

I'm not yet sure exactly what field I would like to go into within this magazine. It is something I need to look further into.

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