Monday, 10 January 2011

Enterprise And Innovation - Who Are They? How Will They Find Me?

LocalRose & co.

Owned by: Patricia and Caroline Rose (Mother and daughter)

They set up a  family business that soon became a way of life that incorporated both their interests and pastimes too. The are collectors of original mahogany fittings, glass cabinets, and used the history of the shop to begin restoring the interior to its former Victorian style and a quirky but elegant beauty apothecary was the result.

Wanting a range of products to fit in with the style of the shop, Caroline Rose created Rose & Co. – preparations based on traditional recipes using natural, old-apothecary ingredients. Her first product was Rose Petal Salve, a rose-scented beauty balm made by hand on the Aga at home. Quickly picked up by the beauty press, Rose Petal Salve became a cult must-have product with demand exceeding supply almost immediately. A range of lotions, balms, aromatic bath mixtures and hand-wrapped scented soaps followed, delightfully packaged in traditional tins, jars and French glass bottles. Boxes are richly decorated with vintage images of deco flapper girls, dancers and show girls and sumptuous gift collections.

Designer, stylist and entrepreneur Caroline uses the delicacy and elegance of the packaging in her vast collection of vintage cosmetics and perfume bottles as inspiration for her designs and is surrounded by a fairy-tale world of beautiful objects both at work and at her home, which has been featured in the Sunday Times Style Magazine and Marie Claire. She has also worked with Channel 4 on The 1940s House series, The Victorian House, The Edwardian House and Treats From the Edwardian House with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
Caroline’s products are now available in Harvey Nichols, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, John Lewis and selected fine stores and have been featured in countless magazines including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Period Living, Red, Essentials, Vivid, You, FT Magazine, BBC History Magazine etc. The company recently picked up the Beauty Magazine Award for Best Skincare Brand and has now expanded into lingerie and retro hosiery with Rose & Co. Delicates.


Economic factors that effect their use of graphic design
Advertisement funds depend on profits and with the fragile present economy people may not wish to spend their money on 'luxury' products.
Interest rates have just increased on the 4th January therefore possibly making a higher profit from returning customers buying products. More advertisement could help increase and bring in more custom.

Social factors that effect their use of graphic design
The company is aimed at females, employing a graphic designer, their work should reflect the company's distinctive corporate identity to increase company awareness. 

Technological factors that effect their use of graphic design
Website activity, myspace and facebook awareness. 
They sell tickets for local burlesque events, giving more company exposure.

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