Thursday, 13 January 2011

Enterprise and Innovation - Who are They? How Will They Find Me?

National Joy

This company's corporate identity has a lot of personality. When you walk into the stores you feel like you are walking into a unique shopping experience. Seen primarily as a unisex fashion retailer they also sell all sorts of quirky 'nik nacs'; from elaborate lamps to humorous retro greetings cards. You almost feel like you are walking into someones home and you can choose the aspects that you like to take home with you. 

Their style is very unique, yet current and appealing. Because they steer clear of well known brands seen in many hight street store, their brand is easily identifiable amongst the crowd of competing retailers.

Political aspects that affect their graphic design

Economic aspects that affect their graphic design
Season to season the design will change to match the current style.
Web design needs to be strong to engage the disengaged economy. Web design is a cheap means of advertisement.

Social aspects that affect their graphic design
People aren't splashing out on luxuries and therefore the company needs to engage with the audience and make them feel they have a need or want for their products.
Seasonal sales will encourage buyers to part with their money more easily.

Technological aspects that affect their graphic design
With the design world swarming with amazing advertisers having up to date programmes and employers fluent in these programmes will help make the company stand out amongst the rest.

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