Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Enterprise and Innovation - Who Am I? Who Are They?

Client groups that work using graphic design in the development, production, distribution, promotion and/or communication are:

Motor manufacturing
Language translation
Web based design
Food packaging
Drinks packaging
Merchandise packaging
Corporate identity - logos, materials.
Universal signage
Music Industry

At the moment I am most interested in producing work driven towards the client group designing 'merchandise packaging'. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and at the moment seemed to be captivated by high end design, and more specifically towards the packaging of luxurious products. Obviously the presentation of products is a key factor in advertisement and sales; it intrigues and inspires me to design.

I need to ensure that I know everything about the businesses that I could be working within before getting lost in a misinformed conception of what they are all about. If they are right for me, maybe I am not right for them...

What skills you have and how they relate to the needs of your client group?
I feel I possess a commercial eye for design which would be key working for a business which could for example feature in Vogue magazine.

Well known luxury brands such as:







Precision and intricate design I would say are my strong points. Sleek elegant designs for an eye catching design. I enjoy fashion and keeping in the know with present trends and future trends. Knowing present and future fashion and beauty trends would be a handy skill to possess.

Although I know a lot of their products and advertisements and they appeal to the type of design I wish to create. I don't know much about the companies themselves. The ins the outs and HOW to get IN.

What skills are needed and what skills do you want to develop?
Knowing about your competition is very important. You need to know what they will be doing next in order to keep current, exciting and a top seller. I don't know an awful lot about the type of businesses work ethics and would need to learn more about their corporations, including all of their products and advertisement campaigns. Reading fashion magazines is a good way to keep in the know. I enjoy looking through magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Grazia, Cosmopolitan on a regular basis. Keeping this as a habit will be good for the future. I need to know more about high end commercial print processes and materials. At the moment the designs I am creating use materials not necessarily reflecting those used for professional production.

What are your professional/creative aims and how do they relate to the needs of the client group?
Creatively I try to think out of the box, and look at things from a different perspective to what may firstly be perceived as. Working for a client such as Chanel is aiming high... but you have to aim high I guess! Working for them I would like to leave my mark and introduce new ways of developing and improving and already very successful business. Firstly I would like to work for an already established and and respected business. This will help me to learn a great deal about business and how it works through hands on experience. Fashion is a very fast paced industry changing day by day; I want to work somewhere fast paced and where every day uncovers new and exciting tasks. After having spent some time working within a ready and running business I would like to turn my hands to setting up my own fashion and beauty orientated business using the knowledge from previous employees and ultimately having more authority and being my own boss.

I have established that I need to look further into the ways high end luxurious brands are run and work. I need to develop my skills having the 'know how' and 'know who' in the fashion industry. 

I aspire to create high end fashion and beauty orientated products and packaging. The packaging is what will attract potential customers and help to increase sales. Sometimes the contents isn't important and the packaging is the selling point.

Pricing needs to reflect the brands reputation. Companies don't always sell their products on a percentage profit margin. This is especially evident in designer brands. Finer materials are used and finer precision is evident in the finish of these products however people are paying for the label of the company. Owning and representing a said brand comes at a price. Having said this I don't feel the pricing of the products should necessarily be reflected in wages. Working for a highly respected company would only mean I would want to be payed a respectable and average wage. 

As said above I would like to initially work for a respected and sustainable company. This would benefit me in being able to slot into an already healthy and fluid company. To be told what to do and when, would in turn enable me to learn whilst working. Being a fast learner I don't feel this would hinder the company in any way and would only benefit the both of us.

Brands like Chanel are focused on pure satisfaction for their customers. They are image driven and seek only to please and improve the customers life. Brands like this aren't affordable by all but create desires and aspirations for the products.

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