Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Enterprise and Innovation - How Will I Promote Myself?

The 6 Steps For Getting Noticed

Get Their Attention
Build Their Interest
Convince Them
Make Your Offer Irresistible
Close The Sale

To get noticed you need to be out there in the real world. You need to show potential clients or employers that you have something new and interesting that will aid them in some way.

There are many different ways of promoting yourself and it's all about advertising and, well, showing them what you've got.

The way you advertise yourself is the way that people will perceive you, therefore it is very important to get it right.

This advertising campaign below is for Brita filters. For such a clean pure product, this is a somewhat disgusting advert. It actually represents the amount of oil used last year for plastic water bottles to be consumed. This advertisement works well for a well known brand because even though this is a very dark and shocking advertisement, the audience still know that Brita water is known to be pure and clean.

For a designer in such a position as me I would need to take a more straight forwards 'this is me' approach to advertising myself. Because I am fairly new to the design world, I don't have a reputation or an identity for people to follow as of yet. I need to show people literally what I am like and what I do (design).

Methods to advertise yourself

Personal selling
Sales promotion
Direct mail and direct response marketing
Public relations
Trade fairs

For me, the main methods that I feel suit my style are:

Direct mail and direct response marketing... I feel talking directly to the person you want to attract the attention of is a quick and informative means of contact. Having a relationship with someone who you would like to work for is very good and can snowball into getting other important contacts. However doing this, you have to know who you want to contact, how to contact them and what you want to say/know. You are contacting the company who possibly have no knowledge of who you are and what you do.

Public relations... Knowing the right people. Part of getting to where you want to be is knowing the right people. Obviously you have to put hard work in as well. It's not all about giving a wink and a nudge and you've got the job, however the more people you know the more helpful they can be to you. The first contact you make is the hardest. What do you say? Will they care? But I have to make the step and take the risk. The worst thing that could happen is that I don't get a reply.

Competitions ... top designers are often involved in reputable competitions. This would be a prefect place to get my work out there and seen. Even if I don't win any prizes, it is still a great opportunity that I need to grasp more often. Competitions can help give a good representative of who you are as a designer. With so many different designers out there all creating different final results, I need to make something innovative and exciting to get noticed amongst the crowd. Picking the right brief for me is essential.

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