Friday, 27 May 2011

Module Evaluation

I have thoroughly enjoyed this module and feel this is because I have been able to focus more on where I want to progress to in the future. The enterprise module it helped clarify more specific aspirations I have and therefore I have been able to apply this to my work. I have a keen interest in high end retail design, mainly in editorial design but also in branding and identity. 

During this module I have learnt a variety of skills that will help me to progress both on this course and into  a professional designer. I have become more aware of the importance of a fluid brand identity, making sure everything links together to create a stronger and prominent overall company. I have only recently gained a specific interest in editorial design since the typography module and therefore thought it was a good idea to design a magazine to put my new interest and skills to the test. 

During the Ted Baker brief my partner became ill toward the end and therefore I had to create all of the designs and deliver them to the YCN submission. I found it very daunting initially having to completely change my time scale for designing. Having to think on my feet and quickly turn around the majority of a project on my own.

I found creating a website quite challenging to grasp in the first instance because it is like learning a new language. After attending the web sessions I found myself more coherent with the software and able to incorporate my own design onto an interactive page.

I feel my greatest strengths of this project have been in idea generation and decision making. I feel more directed with my work now and know what I want to achieve. My time management has helped me throughout this module writing lists upon lists of 'to do's'. I found setting smaller time framed lists helped me look at the smaller picture and me more dedicated to specific tasks rather than generalising and looking at the big tasks in hand. I am starting to learn more about myself and how I work best so I would say that overall this is a good strength that I have gained.

My main weaknesses during the module have lied within documentation. At the beginning of a module I am always very motivated and enjoy finding streams of research and initial ideas, but once this has been done I can sometimes become overly focused on the finished product and push the documentation of my experimentation to the side. I have also found it very hard to keep up to date with my blog this module, because I have been so motivated to finish the product I have become behind and this in turn made me feel slightly lost and jumbled in the normally logical way I go about things.

Overall I am very happy with this module and wouldn't change much if I were to do it again. I have learnt that I cope well under pressure and in fast changing situations. In a sense I am happy that I had to think on my feet with the changing circumstances because it has made me aware that I am very capable.

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