Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Location and Premises

We decided firstly to rent office space because it would be a cheaper option than buying permanent space.

We need a place in a highly populated design area

Fairly cheap to rent

Good location and building to make us look more professional.

We also decided that we wanted to be near london

Here's what Roz found for us:

Think this is a really good option as it's so flexible. It's cheap to rent, and you can alter how much space you need according to your needs. You pay per desk per week, so if we needed to expand this would also be possible. It has 24 hour access, good for late nights. Car parking - definite requirement. Meeting rooms available. And an on site manager which means less costs have to spent on the running of the building. It also has kitchenettes for tea! This would be ideal as it's affordable and flexible.

Business rate tax:

Approved people we would may need to contact in order to move into a new office space in the EC1 postcode area: 

Here is a table for the budget of setting up in a new office:

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