Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Equipment Costings

Setting up our studio for four people we will need a lot of equipment to fill the space and aid our design development.

I need to find quality but at the lowest possible prices.

We split the long list of things we need into equal amounts for each of us to source. Here is my list:

2 x Graphics Tablets
1 x Projector and Screen
1x Water Dispenser
Internet and Phone

2 x Graphics Tablets

1 x Projector and Screen

1 x Water Dispenser 

A floor standing dispenser would be better so it wouldn't take up any room on the design tables.
A bottled dispenser will be better because a mains fitted dispenser would mean costly plumbing and may not be allowed in a rented office.
Rented dispensers come with cups and water so would lower the costs of providing them ourselves and would be easy to get rid of if we were to move office.

£3.85 per week
£200.20 per year

Internet and Phone


Here are the equipment costs for the rest of the group.




At first we calculated a lot more equipment than we needed. Then we realised the office we would rent comes with tables, chairs etc. So our final equipment costing came to:


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