Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Evaluation - Don't Panic: Vogue

Don't Panic was a week long brief which required a fast paced thought and decision process.

Strenghts of the project...
My three final posters were all different styles, which I think gave me a better choice of which to chose to submit online. I like the fact I have used all of my own images for the posters, as I feel it gives it more personality. I researched into different aspects of Vogue: fashion, music, definitions, but obviously put my own style into each final outcome. At the start, coming up with 30 ideas and words helped me greatly. It helped me to think of a bigger picture, and more in depth, as to what 'vogue' could mean and not just one aspect. Being a short brief, I had to find inspiration quick and experiment with different styles, so researching styles and ways to portray the word 'vogue' aided me in finding the right directions to take my designs. I don't like the idea of everything being digitalised, so I hand rendered one of my posters using brown parcel paper and black ink. I think it had a nice gentle feel yet still portrayed a meaningful message.

What could be improved about the project?
Instead of just creating three final posters, I could have experimented more with visual variations within the three different styles. Looking at different images and positioning within the posters to find the most effective. If I had more time on this project I think I would look deeper into the meaning of 'vogue' to create a poster with a more hidden meaning. I would possibly only very loosely relate it to fashion, because I feel focusing on fashion is the most obvious root to take and I like to create designs which aren't 'everyday' things.

Overall outcome...
Overall I am pleased with the final posters I created. It would be nice to see them all printed up on the correct type of paper for a poster as they would look more professional, however this was not possible due to funds. I feel that all of the posters answer the brief and experiment well with styles.

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