Thursday, 6 October 2011

Module 1 - 1st Brief - Layout+Print Finishes+Ltd. Ed.

This is the second draft of the Ultimate Layout brief. And to be honest as I direct my ideas of what I want to design more closely the brief seems to keep evolving. The first draft was about looking at typography skills and trying to create the 'perfect' layout and if there could be anything perfect within design because everything is open to opinion. I thought this was an interesting brief, however it lacked structure and meaning in the real world.

The second draft of the brief is below and focuses towards an insert for Elle magazine. Again looking and layout and typography, but this time it had a meaning and more of a focus.

However, what I would really like to get out of a layout/editorial brief is an exploration of stock, materials, print finishes, and innovative thinking in the tight constraints of magazine making. Having chosen an already well established company there are already man very tight constraints on what can be produced and then to be able to transfer it into mass production.


My updated first brief (and hopefully finalised) is as follows:

Create a high quality in store look book for Harvey Nichols showcasing the wide range of exclusive brands they stock.
To accompany the in store look book a smaller and cheaper to produce book will be made, with the same contents, for customers to take away.

The purpose of the look book is to give the customer ideas as to what they can buy and it could be coupled together in styles, colours, etc to express a lifestyle.

The type of people who shop in Harvey Nichols don't need to look at the price. No prices will be included in the look book, instead it will be advertising a lifestyle 'if you buy this you will be...'

The look book will experiment with print finishes and materials to give an overall exquisite experience to the customers.

The look book won't only have in store clothes it will show what has been on the catwalk, tips and trends. Like a mini 'style yourself' instruction manual.


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