Tuesday, 15 February 2011

End Of Module Evaluation

Working with video this module has been very beneficial to me and my design skills. Although I would still class After Effects as foe rather than friend, I understand its importance. Previous to this module I had never touched any type of video software and so everything I have had to learn from scratch. The After Effects timetabled sessions were a great help to give me a kick start into the basics of the software and with this basic knowledge I was able to build slowly upon my skills to try and achieve work that I am proud of. 

I found it very helpful to start off with the 'Silent Movie' project as not to overwhelm me. Using a software you are not fluent in is very daunting and helping to keep things simple in the first place gave me more confidence to progress.

Managing time on such a long brief I normally find quite hard, however for this module I chose to write lots and lots of detailed timetables. They helped me to focus on the smaller picture and not get stressed looking far into the future for the end result. 

To help develop my identity I am consciously choosing to focus on subject areas I enjoy and I think would benefit me in the future. I am very interested in fashion, therefore for my Top 10 brief I chose to look at fashion trends. Choosing a topic which I am very passionate about I find helps to keep me focused and excited about designing. 

For the Top 10 brief my aim was to create a high end fashion title sequence to be featured on an existing website. Choosing to design for an existing brand proved very helpful and I think more realistic to myself. If I were to work for a fashion magazine and had to create a video advertising them. They already have a corporate identity and the images and content they need for the video, I am just there to design and perfect. Using an already established website enabled me to focus more on the design of the video and less on finding the actual content. 

I have found it quite hard to storyboard all of my ideas this module. Although I understand their importance for progress and fluidity, being not so confident with my drawing skills I often find it hard to portray my ideas on paper. For me they look fluent and understandable, but for fresh eyes I feel they may not be so clear. 

Because my design was quite cutting edge and high fashion I wanted my CD packaging to reflect this but also contrast in some way. Keeping things simple and fresh looking can intrigue people. My final CD packaging was made from water colour paper sewn together to hold the DVD inside. The idea of the packaging was to be simple and confidential. The DVD would be sent to the fashion house to then be uploaded to their site. The stitch encasing the DVD makes sure that no one can tamper with the DVD without it being known; kind of like a wax seal on a letter. 

Working with video and it having the capabilities to be viewed on any size screen you have to be aware of attention to detail. 

My Weaknesses

I feel I could improve greatly on my story-boarding to ensure my ideas are more clear to understand. 
As it is new software to me After Effects left me somewhat lost in the dark for a while, but with perseverance I think I have progressed well. 
When creating new assets in After Effects I felt I was slightly unorganised. Working on it during the day would be fine because I would be able to remember where certain layers were, but if I were to come back and revisit the project I would probably get very lost. Naming the layers was definitely not my forte. 
Creating better design direction boards for crits would help me get better feedback. 

My Strengths

I would say my time management skills have been better than normal for this project. Organisation is the key for me to performing my best. 
I also think I have been able to pick up new, foreign skills relatively easy as well (After Effects).
Having perseverance when you are put out of your comfort zone is key.

Attendance - 4
Punctuality - 4
Motivation - 4
Commitment - 4
Quantity of work produced - 4
Quality of work produced - 4
Contribution to the group - 4

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