Tuesday, 23 November 2010

End Of Module Self Evaluation

For this project we had to use our beliefs as to 'what is good' to determine our subject point. The fact that I was able to contribute my own personal thoughts and beliefs I feel made the project a lot more interesting and myself more driven to produce a high quality outcome. I initially chose to focus on 'love', interpersonal love specifically, researching about both the pros and cons of being in love. I felt this subject however was far too broad to pin point one aspect. Love is a very overworked market I feel and having one more product alongside the other million selling love would have been an almost impossible task. So I decided to flip the idea on its head and focus on being single and how to promote being single.

This project has made me realise the possibilities in production. I enjoy creating high quality, luxurious feeling products and I have come to realise there is a whole world of production methods enabling you to be able to create a high standard finish. Photoshop and Illustrator therefore took somewhat of a back seat in this project. Previously I have relied greatly on the Adobe software to help realise my ideas, and not to say that they aren't a key factor in designing, but I have focused more on composition. Illustrator works in 2D and then to transfer your ideas onto a 3D product needs a whole different set of skills. I feel now I am more confident to experiment with different methods of production such as, screen printing and UV spot varnish.

Everything you produce has an audience. You need to think in the mind of the audience to create a water tight design. I have learnt it is important to know every aspect of what is being produced to enable a smooth run from design to print. Sizing, cost, stock, print method are all important factors that without one of them production wouldn't be possible. Visiting the print house and seeing how things are done professionally had just made me more driven to produce perfection.

Last year I found it very hard to keep on top of my blogging. I would leave it to all pile up and blog at the last minute. Doing this made me forget vital information and weakened my progression. However, I feel I have become more accustomed to blogging everyday or every few days. It has helped me greatly keep on top of my work and do so in a more thorough and progressive way. 

I am very pleased with my finish products for this project, however I feel because the project was longer than I am used to I haven't worked to my full potential. This is only through fault of my own and a lack of vision and time management. There could have been a lot more work produced on my part during this 6 week project. The way I feel I work best is to sit quietly and run things through my head. This helps me get things clear and helps me to think more methodically. Doing so there is no physical work to show and therefore wedges of thoughts can get lost and not communicated on my blog. Writing more ideas and thoughts down would help me to rationalise and progress more systematically.

I feel very proud of my finished products for this project and I know I have worked extremely hard to get to the finished result. I have learnt a lot about print processes and working in a professional environment and how engaging with these things can only help me to progress further. I think this was a good project to start the year with and it has used our own interests as a start point and hence it has kept driven throughout. In future projects I plan to use more time management skills, writing down dates and personal deadlines; I think this will keep me driven by focusing on smaller time scales.

As time progresses and I am learning things every day, I am starting to feel more like a designer and am more driven towards to type of work that I enjoy producing. Creating a portfolio of work that projects individualism and will hopefully attract potential clients and work in the future.

Attendance - 4
Punctuality - 4
Motivation - 4
Commitment - 4
Quantity of work produced - 4
Quality of work produced - 4
Contribution to the group - 4

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  1. hey Ellis, did you attend the sessions with John and myself about work experience? did you upload your responses to the 3 questions we asked about your achievements for this year/the course/your career?