Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lecture 1 - How to get yourself 'out there'

www.designcouncil.org - The Design Council carries out all the major research into patterns of employment and income in the design industries.

www.artscouncil.org - The Arts Council also carries out loads of research into the activities of Visual Arts practitioners.

Percentages of design work spread through society

2% of work is done in big agency's
11% of work is done in medium sized agency's
87% of work is done in small agency's - less than 10 people make up a small agency.

Small agency's are more easy to set up and successful because they don't have to account for the company costs for employing staff with payed holiday, sick leave, maternity leave etc.

Marketing - " The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitability "

Product - "Any creative output ".

Marketing Roles -
Identify customer needs to develop new products.
Develop pricing strategies.
Promote products to a target market.
Identify distribution networks.
Add value to your product through customer benefits.
Monitor the performance of the products.

Customers needs:
Understand needs
Develop concept
Test concept
Refine concept
Market product
Get feedback - social networking is a free means.

Add value to your product by asking 'who will benefit from the product and in what way?

Jeff Bezos - online book seller - saves time improves their lives.

Amazon Value Proposition - To offer quality products and services using the best technology available and at a reasonable price. Customer satisfaction an operational frugality. To help people to discover exactly what they're looking for saves then time and improves their lives.

Value proposition

Value propositions should be short, specific, use the customers language ad pass the 'gut feeling test'.

There are events specifically set up to encourage networking. When networking have something to say about yourself and something positive that will engage who you are talking to.

Brassington and Pettit - Book about marketing

Basic Principle of Marketing - 4 P's

Product - The service you offer, the work you produce, your creative input.
Price - Relative pricing level, daily rate, royalty, free
Place - The best location to sell it, the sales environment, the services you offer.
Promotion - Marketing methods, branding, your value proposition.

Barnham and Bailey - circus act who would advertise their event everywhere they went from posters to signs drawn up on elephants being ridden in Barnham and Baileys back garden. When trains were driving past passengers would see the advert and be intrigued as to what it was for.

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