Sunday, 14 February 2010

Collection 100 Rational

I have decided to promote a new shoe company by packaging gift bags including chocolate shoes inside mini shoe boxes to be distributed at an exclusive vip event. I have made this decision because I want to create new idea for advertising newly launched designer brands instead of just creating a poster and advertisement.

My audience is women who love to shop, between the ages of 21 and 35. I will engage them by making a luxurious looking brand which 'promises' to make your shoe life better.

The product will inform and instruct telling people about the new product, where to get it and when it is launching. People need to know about something before they buy it. New brands are always competing and this quirky product will hopefully do so.

The audience will either attend a vip event launching the new shoe brand or receive it whilst shopping in a store ... first 100 customers, for example, get the free gift. Information will be inside with the gift.

Problem Analysis - Rational

BRIEF - What is the problem you intend to solve?
Advertisement for a new shoe brand launch.

Who needs to know? - Audience?
21-35 year old shoe-loving women.

Why do they need to know?
Because they may be interested in buying new shoes or interested in the brand.

What will they respond to?
A gift bag given to them with information about the launch date and place etc.

What research is required?
About the target audience, existing shoe brands, most popular shoes, packaging methods.

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