Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Collection 100. Research Proposal

My subject matter is:

Possible categories will include:
Laces, soles, innersoles, feet, odor, socks, material, stitch, purpose, styles.

Research processes will include:
Visual research, popularity, common-ness, questionnaire,

How will you research?
PRIMARY: Visual, popularity of styles, questionnaire for cobblers and retailers, stock take.
SECONDARY: History of shoes, making of shoes.

Who/where will you research?
PRIMARY: City centers, retailers, general public.
SECONDARY: Vintage shops, cobblers, library, internet.

Research process will include:
PRIMARY: Looking at styles and their popularity, effects on posture, detail and persona.
SECONDARY: How shoes have developed, materials, how they are made.

1 comment:

  1. I like your final idea and I think its a really good idea to do limited edition shoes..
    I think it would make the shopper feel special, and also, I think the shoppers themselves would probably promote them to friends and family etc.. as you were unsure about who to give them out too.. just a thought.