Sunday, 27 September 2009

Self Evaluation - HOW TO... project

What role(s) did you take on in the group?
Team member in brain storming initial ideas.
Collection of materials.
Taking photographs.
Research into relevant fields.
Layout of posters.
Assembling box and aesthetics.

How well do you think you performed in the role(s)
I felt strong enough to make my own decisions whilst working along side my team mates and their ideas. There was good communication within the group, therefore I was able to do work in my own time and keep it linking within the same look/ feel that the team wanted.

How well do you think you worked as a group?
Communication was good and all ideas were listened to; constructive criticism enabled us to further our ideas. Everybody appreciated each others input, which enabled us to produce a multi-styled finished product.

What were the positives of working in a group?
Everybody had different styles and ideas which made the product stronger all round. Certain people were more specialized in certain fields e.g. illustration and computing.

What were the negative of working in a group?
We had to work alone at home and it was hard to keep on track of what everyone else would be doing and intern keep it in the theme of what we set out to produce. Working separately and then putting everyones work together at college was quite hard. as everyone had different styles and interpretations of what was expected.

What will you do differently next time?
Doing jobs in different, more methodical order, for a more organised approach.
Last minute changes were not taken into consideration.

What were the strengths of your presentation?
We had two main speakers so that information didn't get jumbled and was more easy to follow for the audience. We produced reasonable sized visuals to accompany the presentation.

10 things to achieve in the first year of graphic design

1. Further knowledge in design techniques
2. Further knowledge in the design industry.
3. Respect from tutors and students.
4. To have designed in areas out of my comfort zone.
5. Become more grown up and able to adapt to situations better.
6. A Better idea of who I am as a designer and my individual style.
7. A good body of work that I'm proud of.
8. More skills with working alone and in collaboration.
9. A good balance between work and leisure.
10. Links/ contacts within industry.